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I discovered the Volunteer Group of Kimolos “Kimolistes” Ngo, through the internet because the universe decided that we should meet in 2018. Our love for books and Cine Kalisperitis brought us together! I have been an official member of the team for two years and Kimolos islandhas a special place in my heart.

Having a lot in common with my island friends, the team’s fans and supporters, as well as with the Kimolistes, we prepare beautiful actions aimed at maintaining the Cycladic beauty with the special Kimoliancharacteristics. My goal is to spread the love of reading by writing more books about the island and participating insynergies for sustainability, cultural heritage, the environment, and the outdoor cinema Cine Kalisperitis.

I feel very lucky to be a “Kimolistas”and the team’s representative.The team has fought hard for 11 years, so as to make things happen, and to overcome any kind of difficulties. “Kimolistes” inspire me every day, we create together and separately trying to do the best for Kimolos island. This is what I will continue to do because as the song goes: “Kimolos  myParadise I always have you in my mind!”

Thanks to our efforts we were named the Ambassadors of Sustainability for 2022 in Greece.

Bravo 2022- Best Practices Meeting Points – Strengthening of Local Communities. Participating in the National Dialogue of Bravo Awards, for the creation of a broader culture, in the issues of Sustainability in Greece, representing the Volunteer Team of Kimolos “Kimolistes” Ngo.

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0:00:20 – KIMOLISTES Ngo: “Combining the 7th art with the Environmental Culture”

Kimolistes NGO was awarded the ECTN AWARD 2021 in the category of Cultural and «Creative Industries (CCIs) contribution to Cultural and Creative Tourism development». Kimolistes NGO submitted its proposal under the title «Enhancing Cultural restructure of Sustainable Tourism’s Perspectives on Kimolos Island» through «Cinekalisperitis» the first open-air cinema, introduced on the Aegean Islands, being on its 9th year of screenings at the remote Kimolian beaches of natural beauty.

Joint 1st Prize 
Enhancing Cultural restructure of Sustainable Tourism’s Perspectives on Kimolos Island by “Kimolistes” NGO, Greece