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“Weaving Waves” Publications were founded by Agatha Rodi in June 2022, in Patras Greece. The picture book under the title “A Young Kimolistas” is the publishing house’s first book, released in August 2022. Agatha was fascinated by stories and has traveled with them through books since she was young. Words travel everywhere. Like the waves. Sometimes they can gently stroke the sand. Other times, they will leave to reach places far away and speak to the young and the old hearts. From time to time they mix and weave poems, fairy tales, short stories, anthologies, and stories from other places.

With “Weaving Waves” Publications, she thought about weaving waves while traveling to find the stories both you have not heard and have not still read. The lacy waves whispered to her to leave the words on the paper for the sea to take them, to become one with the Archipelagos. So, every child and grown-up hears the sounds of the sea through the seashell.

The waves become words of the soul together with the Seagulls in the open sea. Letting the wind embrace them and fly high into the sky. Entangled waves, full of colors, weave patterns from laces. The ones that will wrap your mind.

“Weaving Waves” Publications wish to take you with them on their preparing trips.

Welcome on board!