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A Young Kimolistas (a summer adventure on the Greek Island of Kimolos with the Islanders and volunteer team Kimolistes).

An Early Reader Chapter Book with amazing illustrations of Kimolos Island. A non fiction action-packed book, sharing heartwarming moments filled with nostalgia.  Ideal for children from 5th grade to 8th grade. 

Published in February 2023
Paperback ISBN: 979-8-8438730-9-7 Available in paperbackon all amazon.

Soon available in hardcover. Stay tuned for French and Italian Paperbacks!

A young boy, Phaedon, visits the blue-green paradise of Kimolos Island in the Cyclades (Aegean Sea), in Greece, for the first time. Spending his days with his three Kimolian friends led him to transform his admiration into pure love for Kimolos Island and the emerald uninhabited island of Polyaigos.

Fiction and reality meet with Phaedon and the islanders of the past who have left their mark on Kimolos island. Through the narrations of real and, at the same time, funny incidents Phaedon presents us with the history of the Cycladic Island, the Kimolian customs, the unique beaches, the medieval castle, the churches, the rare flora and fauna, the bees, the sea lilies, and the kritama, the Mediterranean Seal (MonachusMonachus), the sea Turtle (Caretta-Caretta) giving us a reminder on the efforts to protect the environment.

Our hero, by getting to know the book’s protagonists, the Kimolian islanders who live on Kimolos,  such as Mrs. Beba Sardi: the re-known cook of the  Aliki beach, Captain Augoustis Galanos with his Trehandiri bow sailboat, Captain Cheimonas: a unique Kimolian figure, Fotis Marinakis the inspirer of the awarded outdoor cinema: Cine Kalisperitis, Lena and Kostas Kiparissis: the levanter-honey producers; convey to us the authenticity of the «Arzantiera» island of the Cyclades, as Kimolos’ Island is known due to its name given by the Venetians conquerors in the Middle Ages.

The Picture book “A Young Kimolistas” was written both with the islanders’ and the Volunteer Team of Kimolos «Kimolistes» Ngo assistance, with the view to discover Kimolos, the paradise island, and promote its Kimolian Tradition. The illustrations are the result of the collaboration with Mr. Fotis Marinakis (Kimolistes Ngo) the author and of the amazing illustrator MateyaArkova.

The Greek Edition

“A Young Kimolistas” the first book of «Weaving Waves Publications» was released in August 2022. The second print September 2022 was sponsored by Mrs. IoannaMartinou as part of our initiative to offer free books to Primary schools on the Cyclades.

The Ministry of Education, Sport and youth of Cyprus has included our book “A young Kimolistas” in its list of approved books for the library of Primary Schools both for Teachers and students.

You can find “A young Kimolistas” at the bookstores mentioned below all over  Greece.

You can send us an email for your orders through our CONTACT form, and we’ll promptly answer you back.

Writer: Agatha Rodi
Illustrator: MateyaArkova
Soft Cover ISBN: 978-618-86222-0-3
Barcode: 9786188622203
Dimensions: 22×28
Pages: 64
Printed in Greece
2nd Edition
Age: 9+

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  • Athens, Greece: Central Bookstore «EnAthinais», Simos Achilleas, Tel. 2103831450 
  • Kimolos Island: Bookshop «Τa 3 Gourounakia», Chorio Kimolou,  Mobile: 6937395736  
  • Milos: Bookshop Tereza Mikeli, Adamandas, Tel. 22870 22327 
  • Sifnos: «The Bookshop», Apollonia, Mrs. Staboulis Tel. 22840 33523 
  • Syros: Bookshop «Vivliopontikas», Mrs. Zoidou, Tel.22810 79260 
  • Patras: Bookshop” GoniatouVivliou”, AspasiaPapachristou, 32, AgiouNikolaoustr. Tel: 2610 223688
  • Patras: Bookshop Theofylatou, 170 Evoias str. Tel. 2610 338798 

Mateya Arkova is a freelance children’s book illustrator, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was born on the 30th of June 1989. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Book Publishing from Sofia University (2008) and a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design from New Bulgarian University (2012). 

Foreign titles: Golden Sparkles, Mama’s cloud, Oh! Susanna, One to Ten, Rocket Bye, If you were Me and Lived on… Mars, If you were Me and Lived in …Ancient Greece, If you were Me and Lived in …the Ancient Mali Empire, Can A Princess Be a Firefighter?

Awards: «Golden Sparkles» International Book Awards Winner (2017) & Gold Medal Reader’s Favorite in Children Nonfiction, «Kiko Without Wings»: Young Reader’s Award (2014). 

Mateya is drawing mainly using traditional methods such as watercolor and pencil. Her style is conveying elegant movements in the illustration scenes and pastel color palettes. She is inspired by walks in the wild nature and by music.

Facebook: MateyaArkova
Instagram: @m.atea.illustration


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